How to spend my 24 hours in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

South East of Asia and generally Indochina (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam), are among the most visited destination in Asia, the reason is clear and it might be because of the long history, interesting lifestyle and the uniquely different culture that one can gain as a first-hand experience when traveling through the region. There might be a lot of reason why people add Cambodia to their bucket list and beyond all, Siem Reap and great temples of Angkor wat along with the beautiful surrounded areas cant be missing. Here are a good guide, not impact and rush in fact on how to spend a 24 hours in Siem Reap while visiting Angkor Wat and the floating villages.

angkor-wat-cambodia with lotus
angkor-wat-cambodia with lotus

Catch the sunrise and visit Angkor wat temples

Angkor wat temples are awesomely photogenic, you will get a lot of great shots on anytime of the day. I suggest to book a tour with guide so they can arrange the transport from Siem Reap to the Angkor complex, in addition the benefit of being with guide is that they are local and they know where to take you to save lots of time for other visits in your day. Okay, enough said, after sunrise, you will continue visiting Angkor Wat temple, the main structure that you see, this might takes an hour or two of your time before heading to Angkor Thom and Bayon, the two other very impressive temples in the Angkor archaeological park. However, if money isn’t the first choice for you, then I suggest you to go for Angkor Wat helicopter tour

3 day angkor wat tour

Tonle Lake and the floating villages

Alright, you’ve done with the temples and now you know why everyone are suggesting to not to miss the Angkor Wat when visiting Cambodia and Siem Reap. The next great adventure which is also a really unique visit, will be an excursion to Tonle Sap Lake, this is considered as the largest fresh water in the region. The water level is vary from one season to another. Take an afternoon trip and you will be visiting the area on a long tail motorized boat, you will sail through the floating villages while you see how life is going on where everything is built on the water, there are houses, clinics, police station, even karaoke and restaurants that are built on the water.

tonle sap lake

Enjoy the nightlife in Siem Reap’s old market area

Its time to relax now, but, remember, you have only 24 hours and you’ve done with tours and visited Angkor with floating villages in the day time. I advise you to head out to the center of Siem Reap where you will be surrounded with unlimited number of restaurants including local foodies, quick eats, bars and cafes, sauna and spa salons and a lot more, this is pretty much depend on you to find out your way for your last hours of stay in Siem Reap