Top 10 Cambodia tourist attractions

Top 10 Cambodia tourist attractions will help you planning a better vacation since there are so many information on what to see and where to go while traveling in Cambodia. Following list will give you an insight into best and muse see places to which you can add them to your holiday plan. Must traveler visit Cambodia to explore what great Angkor Wat has to offer, beside that, traveler will find museums, national parks, local markets and so much more to enlist them in to a well planned Cambodia tours . Here is the list …

# 1 Angkor Wat Complex

Angkor Wat temples is one of the most important tourist attractions in South-East of Asia and a not to be missed one in Cambodia. This is a truly epic scale located in the northern city of Siem Reap. Traveler are courage to spend a few days to discover all temple complex hidden deep into the lush forests. The most important temples include Angkor Wat, Bayon, Angkor Thom, terrace of the elephants, Baneay Srei and many other. With an Angkor Wat tour packages which will be a good option to let you discover Cambodia’s number one attraction.

angkor wat temples

# 2 Siem Reap

Siem Reap is home to Angkor Wat and is also one of the important cities of Cambodia which has become a tourist hub for years offering traveler with more than experience. On arrival, join along with a Khmer style entertainment and nightlife at the huge night market in the heart of the old quarter. In addition, if you are a little “temples out”, make your way to Wat Bo Village and relax in the gardens among the oldest temples. Also, it will be a good idea ( must be experienced) to embark on a day trip to visit floating villages near Tonle Sap Lake and opt for a more authentic experience during the rainy season in October and November. The Apsara dance show is also a great experience which one could expect when visiting Siem Reap

top 10 cambodia tourist attractions

# 3 Preah Vihear

From another aspect, Phreah Vihear could be regarded as one of the muse see Cambodia’s tourist attraction. It is remarkable both for its outstanding Khmer architecture and for its stunning location. Preah Vihear is originally a Hindu temple and dedicated to God Shiva. The temple comprises five separate stages before culminating in the massive bulk of the main sanctuary perched high on the clifftop. Here the great prasat or central spire has been thrown to the ground, and huge blocks of carved stone lay in a tumbled heap. Phreah Vihear is such a important site that it used to be the subject of a long dispute by both Thailand and Cambodia.

preah vihear temples

# 4 Phnom Penh, pearl of the orient

Being capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is more like laid-back place located on the bank side of the mighty Mekong River. The city offer anything from experiencing a unique sightseeing to nightlife and the local lifestyle exploration. The top places of interest includes the genocide museum, the shiny valuable Royal Palace and the treasury, local markets and much more. Traveler are usually getting to Cambodia via Mekong river waterways from the southern Vietnam. The Phnom Penh international airport issue visa on arrival for most of the nationalities and there are frequest flights from Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

phnom penh royal palace cambodia

# 5 Sihanoukville

Even though dilapidated by years of neglect, the coastal “Riviera”, Sihanoukville is emerging as a Cambodia’s beach capital. The town itself offers surreal beaches and fine seafood and vibrant markets. Besides, its old resort town of Kep is being rebuilt and refurbished. Moreover, once seeing Koh Kong, you will fall for this idyllic tropical island. Make sure to read beaches in Cambodia

Sihanoukville cambodia

# 6 Tonle Sap Lake & floating villages

The great Tonle Sap Lake is the largest fresh water in Indochina peninsula which dominates west of Cambodia, the river expands and shrinks with rainy and dry seasons, providing a vast natural reservoir for the waters of the Mekong River and believed to have more fish than any other lake or river in the world. To admire the floating village life, the best practice is to take a boat trip to sail across the amazing array of stilt houses, the locals live, breathe and work in same place. There are floating schools, police stations, Karaoke and clinic. Some traveler would like to reach to Siem Reap via speedboat from Phnom Penh crossing the Tonle Lake

tonle sap lake -

# 7 Bokor hill station

One place which encapsulates the traumatic events which the country persevered is the Bokor Hill Station. This eerie ghost town was originally designed as a resort for French colonists in the early 20th century before being devastated by war times. The authorities retain a Ranger Station on the site, which is now situated within a national park as it is strategically important militarily. As peace and political constancy establishes itself more firmly in Cambodia so the station has begun to lure tourists once again. The station is considered as a reminder of darker times which must never be visited on the country again. Learn more about Bokor Hill Station

bokor hill station -

# 8 Kratie

The next Cambodia tourist destination is town of Kratie which is home to French and Khmer style scattered about, adding to the pleasant feel of the place. You can find a bustling market which is a great place to watch frogs being skinned, try some delicious foods (such as freshly grilled corn cakes) and generally take in rural Cambodian life. The rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins make their home in the Mekong River, just north of Kratie. With only around 120 remaining, they are surely worth a visit.


# 9 Koh Ker

Turning to Koh Ker, the ancient capital of Cambodia, you will have chance to visit 96 temples. However, Koh Ker Temple is the most important one with 35 meter in height. The temple was built to worship Treypuvanesvara, the god of happiness. From a distance, it looks like a small hill, because it is covered by forest. On the top of the temple, visitors will have an excellent view of the surrounding landscape, in particular, Phnom Dangrek, Phnom Tbeng, and Kulen district.

koh ker-

# 10 Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei or “citadel of the women” or, “citadel of beauty” which is located within 45 minutes drive from the center of Siem Reap is another ancient temples that is famous for its pinkish carved stone. Locals speculate that this is due to its miniature scale, the pink colour of the limestone, and the elaborate decorative carvings of many devatas (minor female deities) that grace its walls. Banteay Srei is really quite a different experience to many of the other Angkorian temples. Here the demonstration of wealth, power and the veneration of the gods is apparent in detail and intricacy, rather than in the sense of enormity and gravitas of Angkor Wat or Bayon.

banteay srei-

Top 10 Cambodia tourist attractions

That not all, above step by step guide to top 10 Cambodia tourist attractions is showcasing the best and must see sites for anyone who is looking to plan a perfect trip to Cambodia. The land exploration will include a visit to Phnom Penh following by its top and best things to do, floating villages are dotted across the country and the best way to admire them is through the Tonle Lake. Temple touring is among the have to visited sites. Come with us, you never be alone ….