Introducing Cambodian Private Tours

Cambodian Private Tours is a commercial website operating under the official name of “Viet Center Tourist & Event,ltd” that is a Hanoi based travel agency and tour operator specialized to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

We have been in operation as a tour operator since 2008 from our Hanoi office and due to our success and rapid growth we operate and expand our great holiday services within Cambodia in 2000 which has grown from strength to strength. We have since developed a wide range of product visiting the well-known tourist attractions to the lesser-known charms to appeal to even the most varied of tastes.

At ‘Cambodian Private Tours‘ we offers a wide range of Cambodia tours and itineraries that have broad appeal but they all still maintain the same successful formula of our ‘fully inclusive’ tours. Growing from strength to strength, we will endeavor to provide our clients with a very memorable experience.

Lets get to know some of us

ms hoa



Tran Hoa

Ms. Hoa has over 15 years in the travel industry and successfully manages the online sales team from Viet Center Tourist’s head office in Hanoi. She has extensively traveled through Indochina and is passionate about Angkor Wat and Khmer culture though her favorite destination is still Vietnam.


Hamid’s sense of adventure is as big as his appetite for food and travel to the unknown places in Indochina. Hamid have been to 30 countries before settle in Vietnam to get his hand into what he loves most, the online marketing. Also, as a former Tour Leader in Indochina he has witnessed firsthand the positive influence travel has on the individual and is excited to assist individuals to travel through Cambodia as well as Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.


Ms. Yen (ee-yen) born and raised here in beautiful Hanoi and has worked in Viet Center Tourist since last 5 years. She is the one who manage and design all our itineraries for the website ‘Cambodian Private Tours’, she loves the sunset over Bagan valley and the Apsara dance in Siem Reap.